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What is rayon? How does it compare to cotton?

Let's look at the difference between Rayon and Cotton

The most common question emailed to me is: 

"What type of material is it made from?"  

The majority of clothing stocked in the Holley Day store is tailored from rayon. We even have boob tube tops which are made from rayon using shirred or ruche stitching. Typically you'll find tube tops are made from stretch nylon to give them that really nice snug fit. We provide a choice. 

Rayon became an alternative to cotton several years ago as the price of cotton started to increase. However, it is similar too cotton in its wearing properties.

We intentionally go to extra lengths to source garments made from cotton or rayon. The key reason being is that we live in a hot country and wearing fabrics which are cool and allow your body to breathe is important to your daily comfort. 

So what actually is rayon?

It's a man made or manufactured fabric from naturally occurring materials such as wood pulp. In short, the materials are chemically altered into a compound, processed through a spinneret to produce filaments, ultimately resulting in fibres which are woven into lengths of fabric. 

It's thanks to the natural materials that the finished result provides the ability for the fabric to breathe and it is also moisture-absorbent.  

Another common type of rayon used in clothing manufacture is Viscose. 

Additionally you will find that rayon provides a nice drape and is soft to the touch. Not to mention that it's easy to iron... my most hated house work chore is ironing so I'm always on the hunt for ways to make that less painful :)

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