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About Us

Hi there

I'm so excited that you've made your way here. Let me share with you a little about Holley Day and, I guess, a little about myself too. 

My life priorities changed just over 7 years ago with the arrival of my adorable (and sometimes challenging) little girl ;)  I escaped city corporate life and settled into a life of being a busy mum on the Gold Coast.

I've always lived and loved being near the beach. It's my happy place!  Even when we go on holidays, it's typically to a beach destination.  Strange I know, but that's me. 

I couldn't wait to get rid of my corporate life suits, but then, a problem presented itself.  I wanted new clothes which I could equally wear to the beach or around to a friends place for a barbie. But alas, the choices seemed restrictive.

I was looking for easy to wear garments, flowing in design, cool and comfortable but flattering too.  You know ... something that's easy to relax in and enjoy a nice glass of wine at the end of a summer's day. 

Well, as it turned out, my solution was to birth Holley Day. An online shopping destination which shares a range of Beachwear and Casual Resort Wear. Everything that's perfect for our Australian climate and the casual lifestyle we love.

As you browse around, you'll notice that I'm fussy about having garments tailored from fabrics which allow your skin to breathe. Just about everything in store is cotton or man-made cotton.

I'm also particular about fit. One size fits all is simply not a reality.  Sure I have a size chart to assist you but if your shape doesn't fit into a 'box' then you're typically left guessing. So, for every single garment in store, I've provided you with measurements too. Of course, every purchase is guaranteed with a 30 day, no hassle, refund policy.

I'm always sharing New Arrivals with you. My favourite styles include Kimonos and Kaftans, Maxi Dresses and Summer Dresses.

Of course, living near the beach, Sarongs are pretty much a beach essential in summer - I think you'll be pleasantly surprised as to how many designs and colours there are from which to choose.

Reach out if you need assistance with anything at all.  I'm always happy to help.



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PS - people seem to twig to the play on words with holiday and Holley Day and think it's a bit of fun. Especially when you realise that my surname actually is Day.  

But there is a blonde moment story behind it.... 

When I was pregnant, I momentarily thought Holley would be a great name for bubby until hubby pointed out the issue of putting that together with our surname ;)