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Tassel Necklace | Butterfly Beat

Lovely handmade Pendant Necklaces starring a beautiful polished wood butterfly. Complimented with wooden beads and beaded tassel. 

Necklace Details:

  • Size =  Opera (see Size Guide for visual aide on length)
  • Cord Strand length approx. 72 cm when fully extended.  Adjustable for your desired length
  • Butterfly Tassel Pendant length approx. 12 cm
  • Butterfly Pendants measures approximately 4.5 cm across the wing span and is 4.5 cm in length with a thickness of 2-3 mm. 
  • Wooden beads consist of 3 sizes.  The large feature coloured bead is 1.5 cm in width with the two smaller sizes being 0.7 cm and 0.5 cm.  
Colour: Orange