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How to style your Maxi Dress in Leopard print during Winter

This maxi length Leopard Print dress is a best seller, not just because of the beautiful print, but also because it's easy to style and always comfortable to wear.

Being in Queensland, Australia, our sub tropical climate means we don't really need thermals but some skin tone stockings or tights underneath provides an optional layer of warmth and leaves you free to play with your accessories for some fun.

We tasked Stace McGregs to share with us some of her quick tips on how to style this dress to get different looks through those chilly days of autumn and winter. Take a quick look at her suggestions and colour combos. 

And if you don't have the Leopard Maxi Dress yet, then do yourself a favour and order one today. We have them in stock across all the sizes up to AU 26.

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Oh, btw, we don't stock the jacket Stace shows us in the video but we do have a selection of stretchy (aka comfy) belts for you.

Click the image below to view the Style Haul video:


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