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How to Care for your Sarong

  • 1 min read

Quick Easy Steps for looking after your Holley Day Sarong

The vast majority of sarongs available at Holley Day have been produced from rayon which is a man-made cotton.

As such, you will find their laundry care very easy. Simply machine wash, preferably in cold water and line dry in the shade to preserve the colours. If we’re being total perfectionists, the ultimate in sarong care would be to hand wash but we realise that’s not exactly convenient. You can also use the dryer instead of the line too.

The only real danger we’ve encountered in the cleaning of a sarong is getting it tangled in the tassels – typically bra straps and their hooks are the biggest offenders.  They have a tendency to get caught up in the tassels and then rip the fabric which is not as strong when it’s wet.  So, either keep your sarongs separate to your undergarments in the washing machine or simply use a wash bag for bras to keep them from getting caught up.

If you wish, you may also iron your wrap on a warm temperature or the setting for 'cotton' on your iron.

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