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Reviews and ratings translate into a Top-rated seller on eBay

How Do We Rate?

We've just recently introduced into the Holley Day website, the ability for shoppers to leave a review on items purchased.  

However, it takes a while for reviews to build up because not everyone wants to take time out to write a review.  Totally understandable. I must admit I'm a bit slack going back to sites I've shopped from and leaving feedback :)

Holley Day | eBay Top-rated seller | September 2016

So, while we wait for our reviews and ratings to accumulate, you are more than welcome to check out our eBay store ratings.  We've had an eBay store for several years now and we consistently deliver our customers with superior service. Hence, we're proud to have eBay display the Top-rated Seller Badge along side our product listings.

This badge has been earned by consistently providing excellent service and despatching our orders quickly (same day or next business day).

eBay automatically revise this rating on a monthly basis. As of October 2019 we are happy to report that our eBay Top Rated Seller rating is sitting at 100%.

Can't really get better than that...but we do try ;)