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Sarong Tying Styles

  • 2 min read

3 basic sarong tying options for this summer

A little Google research will unveil a multitude of ways to tie your sarong.  To give you a helping hand, we discovered a great article by Katherine Kluznik, published in Woman's World.

Three of the most basic and simple options which will see you packing less standard clothing and more sarongs into your holiday suitcase.  Less weight, more wear options and more room for shopping whilst you are on holiday.  Perfect all round :)

How to tie a Sarong Skirt

How to tie a sarong skirt | Holley Day

The most popular option and the one I live by.  Take your large sarong by two corners along the same long edge and wrap around your waist. Bring the corners together and tie snugly above the hips.  You have the choice of positioning the knot on either side of your waist or in the middle. 



Tying a Sarong Halter

How to tie a sarong halter dress | Holley Day


Position your long sarong so that it's centred behind your back and just below your shoulder blades.  Then wrap the sarong around your body by bringing the two corners to the front below your arms.  Cross the ends over your bust and tie behind your neck.  



How to tie a Sarong Dress

How to tie a sarong dress | Holley Day


Once again, centre your long sarong behind your back whilst having the upper corner of each side in each hand.  Bring your arms forward to wrap the sarong around your body.  To achieve a nice drape, hold the sarong underneath your arms so your hands are free to twist each end before tying just above your bust.



All these styles work best when using a large sarong or plus size sarong so you have plenty of fabric to do the wraps and tying.  The majority of sarongs we stock at Holley Day are just perfect for styling your sarong wearing days.

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